Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Outfit & More

Hey lovely people!! I hope you had a fantastic Easter and weekend. Here in New Jersey, it didn't feel like Easter or Spring at all. It is ridiculous. Impatiently waiting for the warm weather. I actually wish it was 95 degrees with snow, hahaha I know crazy, right? But I love snow and I love hot weather so that would be a pretty cool dream. Anyways, without thinking of the weather my Easter Sunday went pretty well. I had a two-part celebration on Jesus being resurrected. First, I went with my brother and my mom to church and then had a mini photoshoot while trying to find Starbucks. We ended up finding one but no parking. totally sucks. So went to another Starbucks about 2 miles down, yes there was parking but the line was so long and I need to get to my second part of the day. So instead I compromised and took pictures of my outside by the Starbucks. so that helped. After, I went back home, which I live in central jersey and went out to eat with my family. We went to a buffet and had some good Italian food! SO good, I can go back for more. All in all, it was a fantastic day. I was able to pair up this beautiful top I'm wearing from Primark. Hope you like it and the links are down below. :)





Shoes: (Call it Spring) Similar

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