Sunday, March 11, 2018

Miraculous Skin

Its the middle of winter and of course my face is breaking out and sensitive to this cold weather. I need to move to California!! lol But since I live here in New Jersey, my skin is very important to take care, especially in the cold and hot weather. I have teamed up with Chuda and been using their skincare line for 7 days. I've already have seen a change in my skin. Something my skin has always wanted. keeps it nice a moisturized.

The best part about this moisturizer is its great use as a makeup primer and even your lips! I Know, crazy!!! but Amen! My lips get soo chapped, to be honest!

So I took the #chudachallenge for 7 days! I love it and I don't ill go back to the products I use to have!

Of course, sharing is caring and I want you to try this as well.

Chuda Skincare is giving away a discount!! 

Website: or find them on social media @chudaskincare

50% off promo code: CHUDA365 on 50ML

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