Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cropped Sweatshirt

Happy Wednesday! Hope everybody is having a fantastic week so far! This past weekend I went into New York City. It was freezing!! I mean it wasn't that cold but what I was wearing didn't help. I wore a short dress with knee high boots. It doesn't sound so bad but I was super uncomfortable with the weather.
So you know what I did ?!?!
I found the closest clothing store which was H&M and bought an entirely different outfit. Except for the boots. Thank God I was in the city, it was very easy to find a store. 
This cropped sweatshirt I'm sharing with you, I fell in love with. It's actually my first cropped sweatshirt I've ever brought and actually very happy with the way it was fitting on me. 
All this to tell you, in my opinion, it's very important to be comfortable & confident in what you wear. 
Take a look at this simple outfit I put together in a matter of minutes!!

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  1. cute cropped sweater and love your nails!

  2. I understand why you bought the jeans to keep your legs warm. But would not the cropped sweatshirt make your tummy cold in that chilly NYC weather? Looks good though.

  3. It's freezing but it wasn't cold. What a contradiction! Actually I don't get it. Anyway, I know on the way to take your several poses it could readily be seen that what you are wearing has made you comfortable and you are sure that it makes you well assured of its comfort it gives you.

  4. You look great here. The cropped sweatshirt matched with jeans and boots look so fashionable.

  5. You looks so great and stylo.. Very nice shoot of photos.. Nice cropped sweatshirt!

  6. Simply, funny and chic, I love it ♡